Be a Better Football Manager in 5 Easy Steps

It’s Saturday, it’s raining, you don’t have a goalkeeper and you’re looking at a shameful defeat unless Fisher jumps in his Mondeo and gets a move on. Poor management can ruin your game, but there are some tricks of the trade that any pub, office or community football manager should know:

1. Create a Central Hub

Whether you’re ‘Wanderers’, ‘United’ or ‘Athletic’, you’ll probably have a geographical base as a common ground. With the demands of modern life, however, it’s not always as easy in practice to meet regularly when you’re not playing. Get online and start utilising free networking sites.

2. Fix your Fixtures & Follow Up

Take the lead and be proactive when it comes to fixtures. If your เข้าสู่ระบบเว็บตรง ufabet players know when and where they are supposed to attend, then there’s really no excuse for not being present. It is, however, your job as a manager to make sure these dates, times and locations have reached them – so chase, chase and chase again!

3. Make them Talk

Nurturing a great team is not just about the manager’s performance, it’s about communication on and off the pitch. As a manager, it is crucial that you process the feedback from your team. Make sure that you encourage post-match feedback and prompt your players to give their opinions on wins, losses or draws. Whilst you are the manager, we all know that everyone in the team has an opinion on how the game play could have been improved. Listen to your player and let them have their say.

4. Make Your Goals Clear

Now, this is true in both senses. When your players score some praise-worthy goals ensure that they do get the praise they deserve, even if the match ended in defeat. Communicate your past scores and success clearly to your players, and set your objectives for the next fixture.

5. Set Yourself Reminders

Don’t just assume that you’ll remember to contact all of your players on Wednesday afternoon, make sure that you make a note in your (paper or electronic) diary. As a manager, you will obviously have razor sharp wit and a keen eye for detail, but even the best of us get distracted by work, family or girlfriend issues. Set reminders and do them straight away.

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