Discover Why You Should Take in Omega 3 Dosage on a Daily Basis

Over the past few years it has come to light that we really should be getting more omega 3 in our diets. One of the main reasons for this is down to the fact of the amount of Omega six we have in our diet, because Omega six has side effects which can lead to thicker blood and inflammation and omega 3 helps to counteract that. This is probably the reason why we have so much heart disease these days; because in the past we used to have about 7 g of Omega six on a daily basis and now it is about 15 g, yet the amount of omega 3 that we’ve taken has actually decreased in the same period, and taking an omega 3 dosage will help thin the blood and also reduce the inflammation.

However, when taking an omega 3 dosage ideally you want to be taking omega 3 from oily fish because they contain the essential fats EPA and DHA, and it is these fats that have been found to be be really beneficial for the body. In addition to helping fight inflammation and thinning the blood, these essential fats are also important for some of the tissues in your body as we will now discover.

One of the first areas where you can benefit from these essential fats is Ibutamoren actually your brain. By taking omega 3 dosage on a daily basis you’re going to be feeding the DHA fats to your brain and your brain is actually made up of around about 25% DHA fat. The benefits of having this kind of omega 3 dosage on a daily basis is that not only will you find yourself with improved memory and concentration but also less likely to suffer from certain conditions such as mood swings, depression, Alzheimer’s disease and also disorders like bipolar and schizophrenia. In addition to that your retina is made up of around about 60% DHA fats too, so by increasing the amount these fats you have on a daily basis you will also be feeding your eyes and this means you have less chance of macular degeneration and also experience sharper vision, better depth perception and also improved colors too.

One of the best benefits you receive from taking an omega 3 dosage daily is the benefits of protecting your heart from disease. This happens because not only does the omega 3 helps lower triglyceride levels and cholesterol and also control blood pressure, but more importantly it helps reduce the amount of plaque build up that takes place in the blood and this is very important. The reason it is important is because it is this plaque that causes the blood to clot which can ultimately lead to clogging of the arteries and